The incredible success of the high-end smartphones might be eyewash due to the fact that there are a number of devices that will be capable of doing much more than the high-end smart phones of today. The main reason for this has to be due to the dual core processors that are present in the other devices, but not in the mobile phone industry. The LG Optimus 2X, though, was a phone that introduced the dual core processors only recently, but it will be available in the best option in the form of the Motorola ATRIX. This is the latest model of phone that is going to incorporate this new technology and it is going to result in extreme processing speed for the mobile phone.

The Motorola ATRIX is a phone that it’s not going to deviate from the Motorola family theme when it comes to the design. It can be seen from the way that the touch screen display is introduced in the phone. Even though this phone has a 4 inch touch screen display, the bulk of the phone is not visible at all due to the clever introductions of curves, which clearly hide the fact that this is a large phone. The high resolution of 960 by 540 pixels means that the phone is going to be extremely brilliant in terms of the displaying the high definition movies as well. It is something that will be played on the Motorola ATRIX more often than not due to the presence of the powerful processor. This will make the graphics and other associated features necessary for the running of the high definition movies be present in the best possible way, which will ensure that you will be getting high amounts of entertainment from the phone.

The Motorola ATRIX is going to be coming with an internal memory that will have the capability to store 16 GB worth of content. It is also going to be helped by the fact that there will be 32 GB of on-board memory support by the way of external memory cards. Hence, you can be looking at a total memory of 48 GB in the Motorola ATRIX, which is something that not many phones will be offering even at this stage in the technological advancements of the industry. The Motorola ATRIX will be offering a five megapixel camera that has the possibility of 1080 p video recording option via the future updates. Currently, it is going to be offered only with the 720 p video recording option. The 1080 p video recording option will be available once the Android 2.3 operating system is installed on the phone.

This will be available as an update from the Android 2.2 Froyo operating system that is currently being used in the phone. Given the impressive power at the disposal through the 1 GHz dual core processor, this seems to be the right option for the phone. The Motorola ATRIX will be available for £ 500 in the UK.

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