Firing a gun can be fun at times

Shooting or firing requires much practice. Moreover, the individual should possess a license for using a gun. But such formalities are not required in the virtual world of gaming. An individual can also choose between the different options of guns that are available in the game. One such game is Guns of Boom. It is a multiplayer game in, which two teams fight against each other. The style of action that has been reflected in the game and the quality of the graphics that have been used in the game has improved the quality of the gaming experience. Players need to win in order to gain gunbucks which can be used to upgrade your characters, though some choose to directly use a hack from websites such as

The controls that have been used in the game

The controls that have been used in the game, Guns of Boom has been designed in a simplified manner. This means that the controls of the game can be easily understood and used by a gamer. The gamer will be able to move the character in a free manner with the help of the left virtual stick while the aim can be fixed with the help of the right virtual stick. Moreover, the gamer does not have to continuously fire as the game provides the option of automatic shooting. Another unique feature of the game is that the gamer gets the option of choosing between the different varieties of weapons along with various character skins for customizing the character.

Tips and guides that can be used to win the game

Playing Guns of Boom can be easy but the primary motive of the game is that the gamer should be able to kill the highest number of enemies without being killed. This means that the player has to practice the art of shooting. Moreover, he has to know certain details of the game, which can be listed down as follows:

The player should note that the free chests which come about in every six hours should be utilized optimally. This means that the free chests that are presented for the convenience of the player consist of the essential items like the grenades that can be used in any situation and can be the substitute of any kind of weapon.

Moreover, other weapons that can be found in a box are the first aid kits and the gun bucks.

The key to victory is the finding of a position that is suitable for both offensive and defensive attacking styles.

It can be stated here that a player who has little HP and carries an ordinary weapon will be able to defeat a number of enemies if he is able to find a good hiding position.

Play Guns of Boom and kill your enemies with style

Play guns of boom and develop a base that will help you to kill your enemies with much ease. The player should also choose to play in groups so that more points can be earned by killing a number of enemies at a go. This means that the player should make use of the different weapons for killing the enemies and should also try to stay alive as long as possible. So play Guns of Boom and be on a killing spree.

Features of free fire Battleground

Garena’s Free Fire BG  is a survival game. It is the fastpaced action App which is played on Android or iOS devices. Here the game will start when you are landed is an isolated island with the help of a parachute. There will be 29 more competitors who will prepare themselves to become the sole winner of this game. In the beginning, you will have to hide from the competitors, but then you will have to perform. The map will keep shrinking on you so you won’t be able to hide for a long time. You can use the Mini map for knowing the whereabouts of your enemies spot them and hide from them. This games mainly focused on the survival instead of winning. This game has brought a new revolution among the survival games. This game is an amalgamation of exploration, resources, crafting and to survive against the Omnipresent rate.

Interesting features of free fire Battleground

When you start playing the game, you will see that it creates a beautiful Illusion of the realistic world. Here you will get the liberty of moving freely around the Island, and you can select the point from where you will begin. During this time you can also discover more environmental settings and gears that will be beneficial for you.

The game has a huge collection of weapons, equipment as well as resources which the player can easily collect when they are hiding from their enemies. You should also have a helmet so that you can fight the headshots and vests are always important to protect the body from body shots. You can’t always attack the enemy first, so it is always a better idea to prevent and protect yourself from any serious injury. You should  different types of weapons like pistols, assault rifles, weapons that can cause damage in large diameters, etc. You can also select down a particular weapon and keep updating it.

One of the best parts of this game is that you get the liberty of driving any car which you want.

Though many players opt for the solo mode, you can also go for squad mode. Here you have to pair up with your close friends and create a team. It can consist both of 2 or 4 members.

You can easily move around because the game provides virtual joystick for operating the game smoothly and easily.

These features of the game keep the players hooked up to it for a long time. The game is big, and you will fail in the first, but with practice, you will be able to handle the game more properly. The character is also an important part of this game and chooses it very wisely. And do not spend your resources unnecessarily because you will have to keep upgrading everything in this game to reach the higher levels. You can also opt for many cheats or a garena free fire hack which is available on the websites.

Clash royale- Why is it important to join the clan?

Clash royale is the multiplayer game that features favorite characters of yours from the clash of clans. In this game all, you have to do is to jump into an arena where you will get three minutes to fight against the human opponent. And your goal is to destroy the three crowned tower of your opponent while preventing your tower from getting destroyed. This is an exciting game where you have to lead your troops towards victory, and then you get trophies, a fallen crown of your opponent and war chests. All these things you get you can use them for upgrading your cards and thus increase your progress in the game.

Why is it important to join the clan?

Only after reaching King level 3 players can unlock and join the clan. Joining clan is necessary as then you can request cards from fellow members of the clan. This will help a player to level up his favorite card quicker than usually waiting for cards to appear in the victory chests. Also when you join a clan, you get gold as well as king level points by donating your extra cards to other mates of your clan. When King level points are increased your tower’s HP also increases. Gold help can be used by you to upgrade the card.

This is the reason for joining the clan and becoming an active member of the clan. Also, there is the social aspect that makes it important to join the clan. You can trade strategies as well as chat with your clan mates when you join the clan. Also, you can play matches for free that in turn will enhance your strategies and you become a smart player. Whether you join a random clan or you start the clan of your own, you get the extreme benefits from joining it which are worthy for you. Also, it is important to note here that clan leaders look for active members that readily donate their cards. Thus, being a member, you should donate your card or else you will be kicked off from the clan, and that will ruin the fun of the game.

If you want to become an active member and enjoy the game to the fullest, then join the clan and start playing. It will be the fun activity to chat and donate your cards. For starters and beginners, the above step is very necessary to play. Also if you have not yet started playing the game, then you can go to its official website and from there download clash royale. By reading the simple rules and tips given in the guide, you can start playing at times when you are free.

This game is quite addictive hence; players must try not letting the game overpower upon you. Play this game only at times when you are free. Also when you get stuck in the game doesn’t lose hope and apply the best tricks and strategies you have. If you want you can also use the clash royale mod apk that’s present online. There is no need to shy or think hacks are bad. Cheats and hack will only increase the fun of a game. With cheats, you will get benefits, and then you can play the game more comfortably. Using cheats, you can earn unlimited gold, Gems and unlimited elixirs. All these resources will make the game easier to win.

Therefore, start playing clash royale on your android mobile or tablets and have great fun. Make sure you download the game from the appropriate site so as to avoid chances of getting the virus on your device.

How Hay Day Can Help You Save Time

One of the biggest uses for Smartphone games is that they can enable you to incorporate a variety of different activities into your day without having to resort to unhealthy pastimes that you might have taken part in during your five minute breaks. If you want to enjoy a Smartphone game, you need to realize that Farmville is no longer the way to go. This game takes far too long to complete and can be frustratingly unfulfilling nowadays. This is why you should go for a game such as Hay Day instead, a game that would be so much easier for you to get involved into overall.

This is because of the fact that Hay Day is a faster game than Farmville, so start using To start off with, the crops are much easier for you to harvest and can be collected with a single tap rather than having to wait for a digital farmer to collect all of the crops. The amount of time you save will get added up to the point where you are going to be able to complete the game in a much shorter period of time than would have been the case otherwise.


How the Faster Playing Time Makes the Game More Fun

One of the reasons why a faster playing time would make the game so much more enjoyable overall is the fact that you would be able to get along without the boring aspects of the game and get to the fun parts without having to worry about it all that much. With so many other games this can become difficult to do, thus making it so that you would not be able to have all that much fun at all as you would be stuck doing mundane, slow tasks.

LG Phoenix Review

The LG Phoenix is the newest Android powered smartphone to join the AT T; lineup. If the LG Phoenix looks somewhat familiar this is because it is actually a remake of the popular LG Optimus touchscreen smartphone. The LG Phoenix is a more then competent smart phone and camera built into one comprehensive unit. Stylish would be an understatement, the LG Phoenix is simply beautiful to look at, and just as wonderful to play with. The Android 2.2 operating system is a pleasure to use, with a ton-load of apps to choose from.
Touch screens are all the rage, so naturally the LG Phoenix possesses a touchscreen. My complaint with this touchscreen is the same as it is with any touchscreen smartphone, fingerprints. No matter what, the touchscreen is always going to have smudges and fingerprints all over it. Aside from this pet peeve, the response on the touchscreen is excellent, and even typing is less difficult then on lesser models. I’ll admit that I am still getting use to typing on a screen, but the on-screen keyboard is very vibrant and easy to read.

Connectivity is not a problem for the Phoenix, as it is a quad-band smartphone, with connectivity for Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi. There are literally thousands of free Wi-Fi hot spots around the country, making it easy enough to get online with the touch of a finger. The Phoenix can also create a Wi-Fi hot spot for up to five devices, although this is only available with the 2GB data plan, and for an extra $20 this allotment can be raised to 4GB of usage.

As with other Android powered smartphones, the Phoenix has a slew of apps to choose from, the ladder of which are Google based apps such as Google Places, Google Talk, Google Maps, just to name a few. The LG Phoenix can also send and receive email, via POP or IMAP accounts, making frequent email users much happier. The LG Phoenix is also a very competent portable media player, with backwards compatibility to many file formats including AAC/AAC+ and MP3. File transfer is also a breeze thanks to USB connectivity.

The internal camera is also very attractive, taking genuinely good looking pictures, making this the perfect camera for pulling out on the Bike Trail or wherever a quick picture is wanted. Call quality on the LG Phoenix is nice and crisp, the call quality is very clear, and dropped calls are few. The speaker phone function is also clear, and the sound quality doesn’t break up like many speaker phones tend to do. Talk time is rated at 7.5 hours, and the standby time is 20 days. Truly an excellent battery by any means, and charge time is also very fast.

The LG Phoenix is one of the most beautiful and functional Android powered smartphones currently available, combine that with a stellar touchscreen, and a 3G network and you have a winning device by any means.

Motorola Atrix is a High Powered Entertainment Smartphone

The incredible success of the high-end smartphones might be eyewash due to the fact that there are a number of devices that will be capable of doing much more than the high-end smart phones of today. The main reason for this has to be due to the dual core processors that are present in the other devices, but not in the mobile phone industry. The LG Optimus 2X, though, was a phone that introduced the dual core processors only recently, but it will be available in the best option in the form of the Motorola ATRIX. This is the latest model of phone that is going to incorporate this new technology and it is going to result in extreme processing speed for the mobile phone.

The Motorola ATRIX is a phone that it’s not going to deviate from the Motorola family theme when it comes to the design. It can be seen from the way that the touch screen display is introduced in the phone. Even though this phone has a 4 inch touch screen display, the bulk of the phone is not visible at all due to the clever introductions of curves, which clearly hide the fact that this is a large phone. The high resolution of 960 by 540 pixels means that the phone is going to be extremely brilliant in terms of the displaying the high definition movies as well. It is something that will be played on the Motorola ATRIX more often than not due to the presence of the powerful processor. This will make the graphics and other associated features necessary for the running of the high definition movies be present in the best possible way, which will ensure that you will be getting high amounts of entertainment from the phone.

The Motorola ATRIX is going to be coming with an internal memory that will have the capability to store 16 GB worth of content. It is also going to be helped by the fact that there will be 32 GB of on-board memory support by the way of external memory cards. Hence, you can be looking at a total memory of 48 GB in the Motorola ATRIX, which is something that not many phones will be offering even at this stage in the technological advancements of the industry. The Motorola ATRIX will be offering a five megapixel camera that has the possibility of 1080 p video recording option via the future updates. Currently, it is going to be offered only with the 720 p video recording option. The 1080 p video recording option will be available once the Android 2.3 operating system is installed on the phone.

This will be available as an update from the Android 2.2 Froyo operating system that is currently being used in the phone. Given the impressive power at the disposal through the 1 GHz dual core processor, this seems to be the right option for the phone. The Motorola ATRIX will be available for £ 500 in the UK.

When searching for Motorola ATRIX contracts online you can save a great deal of money by doing a comparison. In this manner you can also find a great deal for the Motorola PRO.